Jede Woche eine Frage rund um die Themen Geschäftsmodell , Nachhaltigkeit , Pricing , Wert oder Kundenfokus.


The big topic this week is customer centricity. It's about adapting the service to the customer's needs in the best possible way. A healthy company often operates in many business areas and can quickly overwhelm customers with its portfolio of products, services and, in particular, product variants. The services that are provided must be clear, as well as the value the customer receives from them and the pricing.

I would like to give you a practical example. Last week I was able to take part in a guided tour of Thomann with medienreaktor® GmbH. Thomann sells musical instruments and accessories (and much more). Products that require a lot of explanation and advice. Employees from 14 different native languages work there in (hotline) consulting to meet this need. Thomann only sends customers one package despite having different warehouses in order to reduce complexity for the customer. Products are also assembled and tested before shipping to make it easy for customers. These factors (and many more) explain the popularity and the "cult" surrounding the music store from Treppendorf.

Follow-up questions

Why do our customers know what they must/can do with the product, but third parties do not? Where is there a need for explanation? How could the product be even simpler? What are the hurdles? Why do these hurdles exist? Is "simple" also reflected in the product design and the (sales) process?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you inspire the customers of TOMORROW?
What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you conquer the digital markets of TOMORROW?
How does your company still create value TOMORROW?
How do you transform your business model for TOMORROW?

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