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Our workshop card set includes a selection of around 50 cards with impulse questions on the topics of sustainability, digitalization, values and customer centricity, which you can use to work on new business models. You can find more impulse questions in our Digitization tool MORGEN people.

Selected questions from the card set

In the MORGEN impulse, we work on a question every week on the topics of business model, sustainability, pricing, value or customer focus. Some of the impulses are also included in our card set.

MORGEN develops business models for SMEs

MORGEN helps managing directors with the right questions to transform their companies. Together, we develop digital, customer-centric, value-based and sustainable business models.


Create value and inspire customers with the MORGEN Criteria for modern business models

Our business models are geared towards building value and delighting customers. Based on the MORGEN Criteria for modern business models - sustainability, digitalization, customer centricity and value orientation - we create an optimal balance to ensure long-term success. Although not all factors are always compatible, we will find the right combination to help you take your company into a valuable future.

Digital business models
Digital business models can be scaled easily and cost-effectively. They enable rapid market entry and the development of a global target group.
Value-based business models
Value-based business models achieve ahigher willingness to payand thus sethigher pricesthrough. The strong focus on value createslong-term customer relationships.
Customer-centric business models
Customer-centric business models not only lead to greaterSatisfaction and repeat purchases sond force companies toto rethink internal processesandto solve real problems.
Sustainable business models
Sustainable business models are particularly resilient and stand for long-term success and competitiveness in today's dynamic economy.

SMEs need quick, concrete and reliable results. We do exactly that - without getting lost in details or unnecessarily inflating the topic.

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