Jede Woche eine Frage rund um die Themen Geschäftsmodell , Nachhaltigkeit , Pricing , Wert oder Kundenfokus.


This question is of great importance as it encourages you to look at the business model from a completely new perspective. It requires deep reflection and can lead to groundbreaking insights. We are often so stuck in our ways of thinking and acting that we overlook the potential benefits of our apparent weaknesses. By reframing our supposed disadvantages, we can transform them into something valuable. It encourages us to think outside the box and see challenges as opportunities.

One company that has successfully implemented this approach is the bicycle company VanMoof. They had a problem with frequent transportation damage to their bikes. Instead of accepting this as an unavoidable disadvantage, they turned it into an advantage by designing their packing boxes to look like TV boxes. This led to more careful handling by the transport companies and ultimately less damage in transit. In doing so, they have changed the perception of the problem and turned it into an advantage.

Follow-up questions

  • What part of your business model could be seen as a disadvantage and how could it be turned into an advantage for the customer?
  • How could this perceived disadvantage improve the customer experience or make the product more unique?
  • What steps would need to be taken to turn this perceived disadvantage into an advantage?
  • How would such a change affect your company's image?
  • Could this transformation appeal to new customer groups or strengthen existing customer loyalty?
  • What internal and external challenges could arise when implementing this transformation?
  • What positive impact could these changes have on your bottom line?
  • How could the change impact your company's competitive position?
  • How would your employees react to this change and how could you engage them in implementing it?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you inspire the customers of TOMORROW?
What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you conquer the digital markets of TOMORROW?
How does your company still create value TOMORROW?
How do you transform your business model for TOMORROW?

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