From a personal point of view, so that this burning stops. This extreme frustration somewhere in my head when potentials are not utilized or resources are wasted. It really hurts a lot! I call it the consultant gene.

But not forgetting fun too. I have a passion for business and business models! I've been working on this for years. In addition to myself (- Jonas Reuter), Daniel Kestler and Jonas Lindner are also on board. The two of them have been advising and digitizing SMEs with medienreaktor® GmbH for (almost) 20 years now.

The SME sector is digitized!

An assertion that probably few consultants would subscribe to. But we realize that something has been happening for a long time! Most SMEs are already well positioned digitally along the value chain due to price pressure and the associated high level of efficiency. There is movement! And things are progressing steadily. We are therefore concentrating on supplementing this with new, digital and sustainable services. That is why we are founding a company for business model development, the MORGEN Consulting.

Another consultation? What makes us different?

This could be the usual innovative start-up bloviating full of buzzwords. But that's not our style. We don't want to throw around buzzwords like "digital transformation", but rather actively change things in a calm, clear and level-headed manner. We know where our limits are. We know what we can't do. We are not the savior in times of need, because we want to proactively drive change! In addition to a positive attitude, we also have the courage to say "no" - even if we can't (yet) afford to as a young company. It just has to fit. To us AND to you!

We have a radical value concept. Everything we do must generate a measurable countervalue. We combine this radical idea of value with sensible sustainability. After all, sustainability is always a multi-dimensional complete package that includes economic sustainability for the company as well as many social aspects in addition to resource-conserving work. We want to maintain and expand something that has been driving SMEs for a long time and anchor it even more firmly in new business models.


We are not coaches, nor do we market mindset or cultural topics. MORGEN is your long-term partner for the sustainable transformation of your company.

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About us:

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy that focuses on the development of new business models for medium-sized companies. In particular, it supports owner-managed companies in their future-proof transformation. Knowledge transfer is at the heart of its consulting activities, which is why the MORGEN Blog regularly publishes articles on key topics such as digitalization, transformation, customer centricity and sustainability.

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