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The restaurant of Morgen: A business model that eliminates waste and creates value

An innovative concept that combines sustainability and business success.

The future of gastronomy: sustainability on the menu

The food service industry is facing a revolution. It's no longer just about serving good food. It's about doing it in a way that is sustainable for both the planet and the business. This is where the "zero waste" restaurant comes in, an innovative concept developed by MORGEN developed by It puts sustainability front and center and shows how waste minimization and business success can go hand in hand.

A business model that eliminates waste and creates value

Our "Zero Waste" restaurant concept goes beyond simply reducing waste. It aims to completely eliminate waste while creating value for the business, customers and the environment. By implementing practices such as composting, reuse and education, this model creates a sustainable and profitable business while providing a unique culinary experience.

Composting: the cycle of nature in the kitchen

Nothing is wasted in a zero waste restaurant. All organic waste - from food scraps to coffee grounds - is composted and used to fertilize plants. This process not only reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, but also helps to nourish the soil and support nature's cycle.

Reuse: a new approach to resource efficiency

In our concept, every element in the restaurant is designed to be reused or recycled. From kitchen utensils to furniture, everything is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. This approach not only reduces waste, but also leads to a more efficient use of resources and lowers operating costs.

Education: A restaurant that thinks outside the box

A zero waste restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It is also an educational center that informs customers about sustainability and waste reduction. By providing information and encouraging discussion, the restaurant helps to raise awareness of these important issues and inspire customers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

A business model that pays off

Our zero waste restaurant concept is not only good for the environment, but also good for business. By reducing waste and using resources more efficiently, operating costs can be lowered. At the same time, the concept offers a unique selling point that attracts customers and strengthens brand identity.

Together we are shaping the future of gastronomy

With MORGEN we believe that change is an opportunity, not a threat. With our "Zero Waste" restaurant concept, we offer a vision for the future of gastronomy - a future that is sustainable, profitable and delicious. Let's realize this vision together and change the restaurant industry for the better.

A new business model for you

Sustainability is not a problem!


Integrating sustainable practices into business operations is not only an ethical necessity, but can also be a strategic strength. However, many CEOs are concerned that the transition to sustainability could lead to competitive disadvantages. But let's look at this challenge from a different perspective: every transition, every change to the business model is also an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market and stand out from competitors through social responsibility and sustainability. A detailed analysis of your business model could reveal potential where sustainability and competitive advantage go hand in hand.

A practical approach to integrating sustainability would be to introduce a circular economy into your business model, for example. This can both save costs and contribute to sustainability by using resources efficiently and reducing waste. In parallel, the development of digital business models that replace physical processes can reduce the environmental footprint. Digital business models could, for example, include the use of artificial intelligence or blockchain technology to optimize processes.

MORGEN is specialized in planning and implementing such changes with you. Our experts will take your business into a sustainable future without you having to fear competitive disadvantages. For us at MORGEN sustainability is not just an environmental aspect, but we understand it holistically and especially from an economic point of view - for us, sustainability also means sustainable management and ensuring the profitability of the companies we work with. We would be pleased to invite you to a no-obligation meeting to find out more about your specific challenges and to present our approaches to sustainable business development.

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Many CEOs are unsure how and where to integrate sustainability into their business. A key to solving this dilemma could lie in applying a holistic approach where sustainability is embedded in the DNA of the company. To achieve this, it is necessary to look at all aspects of the business, from product development to the supply chain and internal culture.

The first practical step is to carry out a sustainability check to identify the areas that offer the greatest potential for improvement. This could be done through a sustainability audit that assesses both direct and indirect impacts on the environment, employees and society as a whole. A further step could be the implementation of a sustainability management system that helps to set goals, plan measures and measure progress.

MORGEN has the necessary skills and experience to assist you with these steps. We will work closely with you to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of your business model. We invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss your specific challenges and introduce you to our holistic solutions for sustainable business development.

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Improving sustainability in the supply chain can be a complex task that many managing directors are faced with. It involves looking at the entire value chain and evaluating both your own operational processes and those of your suppliers. A sustainable change in the supply chain can have a significant impact on the company's competitiveness and reputation, while at the same time significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

A practical approach to improving supply chain sustainability could include, for example, introducing standards and certifications for suppliers to ensure that they adhere to sustainable practices. In addition, innovative technologies such as blockchain could be used to improve transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

MORGEN can help you in this task by supporting you to integrate sustainable practices into your supply chain while securing your competitive advantage. We would be happy to discuss the challenges of your supply chain with you in a no-obligation meeting and plan the next steps for sustainable development.

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Measuring and reducing the carbon footprint is not only a necessary initiative for a more sustainable future, but is increasingly becoming a legal requirement. The implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting brings additional complexity to the business processes of many CEOs. However, these reports are more than just a legal obligation. They serve as important tools for transparency and accountability to all stakeholders. However, it is important to emphasize that an ESG report is only truly valuable if it is based on real improvements and not just aimed at pure reporting.

A practical approach to measuring and reducing the carbon footprint could be the implementation of a comprehensive carbon management system. This system could help to track emissions, increase efficiency and introduce renewable energy. In addition, establishing internal carbon pricing could raise awareness of the cost of carbon emissions and incentivize a culture of sustainability.

At MORGEN our focus is on making real improvements, not just meeting reporting requirements. We work closely with you to improve your business model in innovative ways and reduce your company's carbon footprint in the process. We invite you to a no-obligation initial consultation where we can discuss your specific challenges and work together to develop an effective strategy to improve your carbon footprint. Because real change starts with the first step, and we are ready to take this path with you.

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Sustainability is more than just a trend, it is a principle that consumers expect from brands today. It can be a challenge to authentically integrate sustainability into the brand identity. But it is a worthwhile effort as it strengthens the brand image, improves customer loyalty and differentiates the company in the market. Think of sustainability not just as an additional item in your marketing plan, but as an integrated part of your overall business model.

One concrete way to integrate sustainability into your brand identity could be to establish transparent and responsible supply chain management. In addition, you could underpin your sustainability claim by developing environmentally friendly products and services and by actively engaging in social issues. Ultimately, it's about thinking outside the box and understanding how your brand can have a positive impact on society and the environment.

In a non-binding introductory meeting with MORGEN we can work out together how sustainability can be anchored in your brand identity. We focus on authenticity and credibility. Because a sustainable brand is more than just a green logo, it is a brand that is continuously committed to a better world.

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Integrating sustainable innovations into products and services can be a complex undertaking. But it is also an opportunity to open up new markets, stand out from the competition and ultimately increase business success. A sustainable product or service is not only environmentally friendly, it also provides added value for your customers and increases your company's profitability.

One practical approach could be to implement a holistic sustainability management system. This could include revising existing products and services to make them more environmentally friendly. Or the development of new, innovative solutions based on the principles of the circular economy. This is not just about ecological sustainability, but also about social and economic sustainability.

With the support of MORGEN you can successfully master these challenges. During a free initial consultation, we would like to learn more about your specific challenges and develop an individual strategy together with you. Because we believe that sustainable innovations are the key to a future-proof and successful business model.

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Integrating sustainability into the business strategy is a crucial step for any future-oriented company. It is about seeing sustainability not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity to improve value creation while having a positive impact on society and the environment. This is not just about the "what" (e.g. CO2 reduction), but also about the "how" (e.g. inclusive working practices, fair trade).

A concrete starting point could be the integration of sustainability criteria into your business decisions. This could include integrating sustainability goals into your strategic planning, embedding sustainable practices into your business processes and introducing an environmental management system. It could also mean driving the development of sustainable products and services and promoting a culture of sustainability within your company.

With MORGEN at your side, you can overcome these challenges. In a no-obligation initial consultation, we would like to learn more about your challenges and work together to develop an effective sustainability strategy. Because we believe that a sustainable business model is the key to long-term business success.

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