Digitization for manufacturing companies from the SME sector:
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Digitization in the company

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Effective digitalization is visible to the customer

Digitalization can make company processes more efficient, but not all measures directly increase customer benefits. Often, internal processes are digitized first, such as the automation of individual employee tasks, as these projects are easy to implement, require few interfaces and hardly change the company. Such initiatives improve operational efficiency, but without any direct added value for customers.

To bring about real change, digitalization should be aligned with the customer journey and the business model. This creates solutions with broad customer benefits instead of simply digitizing processes. The key is to design digitalization in such a way that it focuses on the customer and goes beyond blunt process optimization.

Can you still be helped?

You are....

Medium-sized company with own production
and offer highly specialized products and services

and fight with....

the implementation of digitization away from the production lines
increasing price pressure and margin erosion
the dependence on multi-level distribution (B2B)

MORGEN helps with

Digitalization that creates real and measurable added value for your customers
better capitalization of your services by establishing new pricing models
Improvement and development of business models, services and services

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Digitalization that increases your profits instead of reducing them? Book an appointment now to schedule your free potential analysis.

This is how we proceed to provide the best possible help

Preliminary talk

In a 30-minute preliminary meeting, completely free of charge, we evaluate together whether and how a collaboration could be useful. We try to identify your problems in such a way that we can optimally address your needs and conduct a workshop tailored to them.

Workshop zur Digitalisierung mit Team in Aktion

Workshop: Digital

In a one-day workshop, we dive deep into the specific challenges and opportunities of your company. We focus on the following core areas:

  • Introduction to the market environment and your company to gain a holistic understanding.
  • Analysis and discussion of your current digital initiatives to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Insight into current trends and strategies in digitalization from other companies.
  • Development of ideas for digital business models that are specifically tailored to your market value and business goals.

Results presentation

You receive the MORGEN Report: a comprehensive analysis documenting your digitization status in 10 to 35 PDF pages, supplemented by a graphical presentation containing an excerpt of our most important findings and perceptions. We also look at diversification, processes and the business model. Based on these insights, we create a customized offer, if appropriate, to work specifically on your challenges.

Ergebnispräsentation durch Berater in Digitalisierungsprojekt
Strategische Beratung in der Digitalisierung - Zuhörer im Fokus

Strategic support

Our strategic support offers you targeted support with fixed, measurable goals and clearly defined stages at a flat rate. The focus is on digitalization along the customer journey, with the aim of achieving significant improvements for your customers. We use a top-down approach that ensures that the management level always retains control of the process and effectively steers the strategic directions.

Knowledge transfer

Our knowledge transfer aims to ensure that you can fully rely on your employees to ensure smooth implementation. That's why we offer targeted training, workshops and sparring sessions for your team to not only impart knowledge, but also to enable your employees to implement the strategic impulses independently. It is important to us that your company becomes independent in a timely manner while the change process continues in a sustainable manner. We often also support the establishment of an in-house consulting team that continuously accompanies and manages the change.

Wissensweitergabe im Digitalisierungsworkshop - Teilnehmer im Stuhlkreis
Reporting in Digitalprojekten - mittelständischer Geschäftsführer prüft Fortschritte


To ensure the success of our consulting services, we attach great importance to the delegation of responsibilities from the management level to the specialist departments. At the same time, we understand that medium-sized companies in particular want to retain control over the change process and the consulting project and to monitor these closely. For this reason, we often take over the project management and provide monthly reports that offer a detailed overview of progress and milestones. In addition, we often support the establishment of an in-house consulting team that not only continues the change process, but also manages it in a targeted manner to ensure sustainable development and success.


  • Jonas Reuter
    Jonas Reuter
    Managing Director, Partner
  • Daniel Kestler
    Daniel Kestler
  • Jonas Lindner
    Jonas Lindner
  • Tanja Schwarz

Would you hire me? We are often described as technical, analytical and observant. Despite this, we are natively involved - driven by a natural urge to question. Instead of rushing to propose solutions, we share our thoughts and perceptions and are not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions.

Jonas Reuter
Jonas Reuter
Managing Director, Partner

Your journey begins

with a 30-minute call - When will you make time for us?

Book a non-binding, free 30-minute consultation with us. In this personal meeting, we would like to find out together with you whether and how we can help you. This consultation is open-ended - the focus is on your needs. We look forward to getting to know you!

We warn against advice!

For us, fishing instead of fish means disappearing quickly. In contrast to traditional consultancies, which grow by adding staff and quickly establish themselves in the company, we expand through the value we create - i.e. project sizes and budgets. Our goal is not to grow our team, but to find the few most interesting projects. Our focus is on finding sustainable solutions quickly and leaving the company before our presence is even noticed.

Plain text!

We do not see our free services, such as workshops and reports, as a preliminary service, but rather as an essential component in order to be able to prepare a serious offer. Only through a deep understanding of your specific challenges can we guarantee sustainable added value - and that is exactly what we do. This process enables a fair exchange: a flat rate for complete order clarity. These steps are necessary to fulfill our part of the agreement. At the same time, they give us the chance to understand exactly how you work, your culture and your clients' needs, which helps us to carefully select the projects we really want to and can deliver.

Our offer is aimed specifically at manufacturing companies because we are deeply connected. Jonas Reuter Managing Director/Partner of MORGENjonas Reuter, a graduate industrial engineer specializing in mechanical engineering, has always worked in this sector. This professional focus and deep interest in the manufacturing industry form the foundation of our connection to this sector. The MORGEN Consultancy is also a spin-off from the agency medienreaktor, where we have been supporting clients from the manufacturing sector for over a decade - and that goes far beyond digital topics. We know the mentality and working methods of the people in these companies very well: like us, they are reserved, data-driven and analytical. Not only do we feel comfortable in this environment, but we have also gained a wide range of experience, from manufacturing companies with annual sales of €30 million to those with over a billion, from ERP systems from the 1990s to state-of-the-art SAP solutions with PIM. We have experienced lean structures and complex silos as well as technically adept managing directors and owners who are actively involved in the company. We know what drives the industry, how you win customers and maintain relationships, we know what your competitors are doing and what your vision for 2030 is. Our appreciation for SMEs and their appreciation for us is based on this deep, mutual understanding and experience.

Nobody knows your company better than you do. So if a consultancy promises to know better than you what is good for your company, then in most cases this is simply dubious. We can't pull a solution out of a drawer that suits your company, customers and you - and we don't want to.

We can advise you with our expertise from other projects, provide a valuable view from the outside or, with a bit of luck, deliver suitable industry knowledge or offer a transfer from other industries. Our expertise lies in the design of modern business models. With the right impulse questions, we will bring you to your own solution. Your company, your solution - your earnings.

We do not calculate in consultant days but sell a concrete and measurable service, just like you. This means not only cost certainty through a fixed price, but also a real guarantee of added value. In extreme cases, for us this also means no results - no money.

This motivates us as consultants to work in a goal-oriented manner instead of extending projects or simply delaying them in order to be able to bill more consultant days. There is also no surprise on the invoice at the end of the quarter because your colleague made a brief phone call to a consultant at the "Manager" level.

In SMEs, the managing directors usually pull all the strings. We believe in the top-down management approach, especially in owner-managed SMEs. And we don't want to change that. We do not place consultants in your company as expensive project staff, nor do we want to involve all employees. You steer, you lead and we help you with the right impetus.

It is essential for the success of our projects to get all decision-makers affected by the upcoming changes on board from the outset - but always at the right time. Experience shows that digitalization projects that are treated as IT projects or as a task for a working group are usually doomed to failure. Our aim is to fundamentally rethink customer interactions and processes. It is not about simply digitizing or automating what already exists, but about a far-reaching transformation that involves all relevant stakeholders.

Digitalization: What type are you?

Individual measures

The approach begins with the identification of individual, isolated systems to address department-specific requirements without considering an overarching strategy or integration. Fast and cost-efficient to implement, this method is primarily aimed at limited cost savings through automation or support for specific departments, but often results in disparate isolated solutions without making a significant contribution to process optimization or digital transformation.

Digital strategy

The aim is to create a networked system landscape, which starts with a thorough analysis. Budget planning is often aborted due to high costs. Despite striving for integration, projects often end in isolated solutions that are digitized without optimizing existing processes or considering the customer perspective. The lengthy implementation and focus on internal details prevent transformation by improving the business model and customer experience.


The customer-centric digital strategy focuses on digitalization along the customer journey. The focus is on the customer experience, whereby digital solutions directly create added value and enable faster amortization. This not only leads to a more efficient overhaul of processes, but also to genuine digital transformation. The business model and customer interaction are improved sustainably and digitally by consistently focusing on the needs of customers.

Business model development

This helps MORGEN

See through the potential that lies dormant in your business model. With the right topics today, you can lay the foundation for a bright, successful future MORGEN.

Market expansion
Exploration and development of new business areas.
Product development
Design and improvement of products or services.
Customer understanding
Deep immersion in customer needs and wishes.
Market tests
Practical tests and analyses for market validation.
Innovative pricing
Revision and introduction of modern pricing models.
Digital transformation
Integration of digital processes and technologies.
Value proposition
Value-oriented strategies to increase sales.
Idea development through to profitable business models.
Business practices that meet all ESG criteria.

Our value proposition

MORGEN guarantees you real added value. If you are not satisfied with our service, you only pay for the value we were able to create for you.

Not in the mood for advice?

If you are interested in a more independent approach to relevant digitalization topics without embarking on a comprehensive consulting project, our MORGEN Workshop could be just the thing for you. It gives you the opportunity to develop solutions together with other decision-makers and gather valuable ideas.

Diskusion einer Digital-Initiative in lockerer Atmosphäre

Opening up new markets through digital innovation

Digitize your business model successfully. In our workshop, you will receive the tools to promote growth, optimize processes and strengthen customer relationships. Make your company fit for the future and gain a competitive advantage.

Details & Booking
Target group
Managing directors, digitalization officers, strategy and innovation managers, IT managers
Previous experience
Basic knowledge of (digital) processes and technologies in the company
Time investment
Two intensive days (9:00 to 17:00) plus arrival the evening before (from 15:00)


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