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The question is almost obvious. Digital business models often build on collected data or make it possible to collect it for a new business model at a later date. A process that many are skeptical about, although the reuse of learned or experienced is deeply rooted in our "traditional" business models.

It's not always about metadata! SMEs are not Google or Facebook and can commercialize metadata. Rather, this data should help us understand our customers better, solve their problems better or improve our products. A practical example could be the improvement of maintenance intervals for supplied parts from (special) mechanical engineering. By recording the quantities produced (by the customer), maintenance intervals and wear and tear can be calculated precisely. This is a first concrete step towards preventive maintenance. It is a buzzword that appears on many company websites, but in practice often remains a vision.

Follow-up questions

Which data is based on our products/solutions? Which data is pure metadata? What can we do with metadata? How do our users behave? What data do we currently not know and how could we collect it? How do we deal with the issue of data protection - can we anonymize data in order to store it for longer? What data could help us in the future, even if we don't have a use case now?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?

What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you inspire the customers of TOMORROW?
What place does your company have in the world of TOMORROW?
How do you conquer the digital markets of TOMORROW?
How does your company still create value TOMORROW?
How do you transform your business model for TOMORROW?

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