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The digitalization tool is driving the company's transformation. The MORGEN Process continuously ensures the transformation of your company with impulse questions, instructions and recurring patterns.

Impulse questions

What if morgen everything were different? With the help of the right questions, you can work out the right solutions for your company on your own.


Sustainable and digital business models are often based on recurring patterns. These established templates can be used to evaluate your own services and competencies and develop new business models.

With our materials for your business model

In the digitization tool, people can find MORGEN Extensive materials based on the latest scientific standards for the development of new business models.


Impulse questions




Case studies


Sustainable change is the result of continuous development. We provide you and your employees with the tools you need to continuously work on your business model.

The MORGEN People always with you

Our device-independent platform offers the benefits of our consulting services as well as valuable swarm knowledge anytime and anywhere.

Swarm knowledge

Utilize the knowledge of all MORGEN People and exchange valuable experiences with each other to advance your company.

Expert knowledge

On request, our experts will immerse themselves in your personal work area and support you in the process of business model development with the knowledge gained from countless development projects.

We ask the right questions

Our workshop card set includes a selection of around 50 cards with impulse questions on the topics of sustainability, digitalization, values and customer centricity, which you can use to work on new business models. You can find more impulse questions in our digitalization tool MORGEN People.

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