Practical AI applications for companies

Discover how AI can revolutionize your business processes. In our workshop, you will develop practical AI applications that increase efficiency and drive automation. Secure a market advantage with intelligent technology.

Target group
CTOs, IT managers, digitalization officers, marketing and sales managers, innovation managers and those responsible for business process optimization.
Previous experience
Knowledge of customer interactions and understanding of company processes.
Time investment
Two intensive days (9:00 to 17:00) plus arrival the evening before (from 15:00)

This is what you take with you:

  • Deep understanding of AI technologies and their transformative power in business processes.
  • Expertise in the application of leading AI tools and methods.
  • Skills to identify, evaluate and integrate AI-based innovations.
  • Hands-on experience through the design and implementation of AI-powered workflows.
  • Evaluation criteria for the success and efficiency of AI implementations.
  • Solution strategies for challenges in the introduction of AI.
  • Expertise in the use of KPIs to manage AI projects.
  • An elaborate plan to launch AI initiatives immediately after the workshop.

Workshop insights: Our video shows the change in action

To experience in the workshop

AI strategies: Explore ways to integrate AI into your company.
Increased performance: See how AI increases efficiency and drives automation.
Hands-on experience: Gain insights by working with real AI systems.
Collaboration: Develop best practices by exchanging ideas with participants from different companies facing similar challenges.
Customer-centric automation: Find out how AI can improve the customer experience
Innovation driver: Discover how AI enables new business models.
Teamwork: Work in groups and learn from the experiences and perspectives of others.
Avoid operational blindness: Learn methods to continuously integrate fresh perspectives and solutions.
Long-term vision: Develop sustainable AI strategies for lasting success.
Focus time: Use the time in the workshop to concentrate fully on customer centricity, away from the day-to-day business.
Reusable templates: Receive templates and tools that you can also use in your company after the workshop.

We all have the same core as B2B customers, which connects us. But I find it enriching to meet different people, outside of my own circle. That's how I learn the most, by getting to know new perspectives.

Veronika Beck
Head of Global Marketing @ NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

Real added value

Profit increase
Use AI-based efficiency optimization to noticeably increase not only the operational performance but also the profitability of your company.
Sustainable differentiation
Use innovative AI applications to build a unique selling proposition that clearly sets you apart from the competition in the long term.
Innovative edge
Secure a technological advantage through the early use of AI that promotes innovation leadership in your industry.
Market expansion
Open up international markets with intelligent, scalable AI applications and expand your business sustainably and across borders.
Personalized customer experiences
Use AI to create unique experiences tailored to individual customers that are proven to increase loyalty.
Skilled labor development
Promote an AI-savvy workforce that actively drives and sustainably secures the digital transformation of your company.
Decision intelligence
Benefit from deep insights gained through AI-based data analytics for more informed, data-driven decisions.
Talent acquisition
Attract highly qualified talent to your company through innovative, future-oriented AI projects and efficient processes.

Further workshop information

We recommend that you book a preliminary meeting. In this meeting we can discuss the workshop and its objectives and clarify any questions you may have. This helps us to tailor the workshop to your specific needs and ensure that you get the most out of your participation.

Book a preliminary talk

In our workshop "Practical AI applications for companies", we focus on an experience-oriented approach. Through live demos and best-practice examples, we not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also enable participants to experience the potentials and limitations of AI technologies at first hand. With a balanced view of the short, medium and long-term application possibilities of AI in business processes, participants gain a differentiated perspective for strategic planning and implementation.

We attach great importance to participants gaining practical experience by working directly with the tools and developing concrete workflows for their companies. These workflows are designed to achieve improvements in performance and customer experience from the very first day after the workshop. Participants will learn how to automate individual business processes step-by-step, focusing on customized, scalable solutions that fit the size and specific needs of their business.

Our workshop is aimed specifically at CTOs, IT managers, digitalization officers, marketing and sales managers and innovation managers who want to optimize their business processes through the use of artificial intelligence. It is also of great interest to those responsible for business process optimization and offers deep insights and application-oriented solutions to specialists and managers working at the interface of technology, strategy and business model development. Participation makes it possible to gather cross-industry know-how and to advance your own company with the help of AI.

Raise the customer experience to a new level together with other companies. Discover how you can identify customer needs and develop a deep understanding of the customer in an atmosphere of open exchange and collegial collaboration.

Use cross-industry insights and innovative approaches to create an authentic and unique customer experience. The diversity of participants from different industries provides a unique opportunity to benefit from the experiences and perspectives of others. This cross-industry approach makes it possible to jointly develop solutions tailored to a wide range of customer needs.

After the workshop, participants are well equipped to implement the AI strategies and workflows they have developed directly in their company. Each step is designed to enable them to continue working independently. For more in-depth content and additional support MORGEN the opportunity to gain access to the digitization platform "MORGEN People" digitization platform. There, content can be looked up, exchanged with others and specific feedback can be obtained. If you would like individual support, you can book further advice to speed up the process.

Digital business models are a central component of business model development. They enable companies to create new value, increase their performance and strengthen their competitive position.

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy for business model development. It helps managing directors with the right questions to transform their companies. In peer groups, managing directors work together to develop sustainable, digital, customer-centric and value-based business models for their company

Agenda / Schedule

The agenda of our workshops is designed in such a way that it not only provides structure, but also leaves enough room for spontaneous discussions and reflections. The agenda and thematic blocks are individually tailored to the group after a brief survey prior to the workshop; the workshops are as individual as your participants. The breaks and free time are deliberately planned as an integral part of the program in order to deepen what has been learned in a relaxed atmosphere and to strengthen the community. Whether over a meal together, an activity in nature or an evening drink - the conversations continue to flow and the topics of the day are explored from different angles.


Getting to know each other and fireside chat

  • from 15:00: Arrival
  • 17:00: Soft opening - welcome and getting to know each other
  • 18:00: Fireside chat - outlook and current status
  • 19:30: Dinner and exchange
  • from 21:00: Relaxation/getting to know each other at the bar

First workshop day

Discussion and best practices

  • from 7:00 a.m.: Breakfast buffet
  • 09:00 am: Start of the day with an activation round
  • 10:00 am: First themed block
  • 12:00 p.m.: Lunch with three courses
  • 14:00: Second themed block
  • 15:30: Community activity (outdoors depending on the weather)
  • 17:00: Free time for relaxation
  • 19:00: Dinner and discussion
  • from 21:00: Free time or meeting at the bar

Second workshop day

Practice and deliverables

  • from 7:00 a.m.: Breakfast buffet
  • 09:00 am: Start of the third practical topic block
  • 12:00 noon: Lunch with three courses
  • 13:30: Fourth thematic block with development of further deliverables
  • 16:00: Final round and open conclusion
  • 18:00 hrs: Departure

The trainers

With the MORGEN Consulting, we bring our concentrated experience to SMEs. Our expertise ranges from digital transformation to sustainable, customer-centric and value-based business models. Together, we have successfully advised numerous companies over the past six years, while Jonas Lindner and Daniel Kestler have been driving change in SMEs for over 19 years.

  • Jonas Reuter
    Jonas Reuter
    Managing Director, Partner
  • Daniel Kestler
    Daniel Kestler
  • Jonas Lindner
    Jonas Lindner

10 roles and use cases that AI can take on for you

AI designs individual marketing campaigns and thus increases customer loyalty.
Automation of routine tasks
AI takes over time-consuming administrative tasks to free up resources.
Customer support
AI-powered chatbots offer round-the-clock support and improve the customer experience.
Process optimization
AI analyses and optimizes business processes for greater efficiency.
Customer segmentation
AI classifies customers for targeted sales strategies.
Predictive maintenance
AI predicts maintenance requirements for machines and systems.
Idea development
AI serves as a creative sparring partner to generate new business ideas and innovations.
Data analysis
AI identifies patterns and trends in large amounts of data for strategic decisions.
Information procurement
AI acts as a research tool that enables structured access to complex specialist topics and filters relevant information.
AI supports complex decision-making processes with simulation-based recommendations.

An excerpt of the tools you will be working with

In our workshop, we will present a selection of advanced AI tools and explore their effective use together. We will focus not only on the functions that many may already be familiar with, but also on specific use cases that maximize the benefits of each tool. Our aim is to focus on the practical implementation - how to use these tools, also in combination with others, to create valuable applications that offer real added value to both users and companies.

Generate photorealistic images for presentations and create visual concepts, replace stock photos.
Learn from ChatGPT experts, with over 300 daily prompts to maximize AI-driven results.
Create video trainings in different languages and generate social media content as well as personalized acquisition approaches.
Automate complex processes and decisions, represent complex business logic.
Process complex problems and large projects efficiently divided into individual steps.
Enlarge images without loss of quality for high-resolution results.
Neural Search
Use of AI-supported search mechanisms to extract in-depth and contextual answers from large data sets and improve the relevance of search results.
Custom apps
Develop digital consulting tools or internal help chats that use documentation to answer user questions.
Discover the true power of connecting these tools by presenting an example of an AI ecosystem.



You can easily register using our online form or by email. If you have any questions or require further information before booking, we are happy to offer you a preliminary meeting. Use this opportunity to discuss the workshop and its objectives and ensure that it is tailored to your needs. Invest in the future of your company and register today!

Our value proposition

MORGEN guarantees you real added value. If you are not satisfied with our service, you only pay for the value we were able to create for you.

We deal with these problems in the workshop

Digital transformation

One question we often hear from managing directors is "Where do I start?". While most consultancies advise a comprehensive system and process analysis, we suggest a different approach. Digitalization should always be thought of from the customer's perspective, as it ultimately serves to increase customer benefit. By focusing on customer benefit, you can make targeted investments in technologies that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. In workshops, we work with you to determine how your customers can derive the greatest benefit from digitalization. At the same time, this perspective promotes the development of new business models and ensures the future viability of your company. Take the opportunity for a free introductory meeting and let us work together to find the ideal starting point for your digital transformation.

free initial consultation

Digitization is not an end in itself, but should always be focused on moving your business forward. Choosing the right tools and technologies can be overwhelming, especially given the fast-moving digital landscape. Our approach is to see technologies as tools that support your business - not as goals in themselves. We identify and evaluate digital tools that meet your specific needs and integrate them into a revamped, efficient business model. In this way, we not only ensure that you are technologically up-to-date, but also make sure that these technologies create real added value for your company. Contact us for a free introductory meeting.

Arrange a meeting

Artificial intelligence is more than just a trend - it can revolutionize the way companies work and make decisions. The challenge is to use it in a way that fits your specific business model. With our expertise in AI, we can identify the most relevant fields of application in your company and guide the implementation of a suitable AI solution. But we go one step further: by integrating AI into your business model, a transformation can take place that creates new competitive advantages and ultimately contributes to the further development of your business success. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you in an initial, non-binding consultation.

Schedule appointment

The role of your customers in your digital transformation process is essential and can take many different forms. For example, this could be through the implementation of customer feedback tools that allow you to respond directly to your customers' needs and requirements. You could also use social media and other digital platforms to encourage a dialog with your customers and actively involve them in the design of new products or services. Or you could use data-driven personalization to create an individual customer experience that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. All these approaches flow into the development and further development of your business model and make it fit for the digital future. Let's discuss the possibilities of how you can involve your customers in your transformation process in an initial, no-obligation meeting.

free appointment

The thought of integrating new digital systems into your existing business processes may seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits of doing so are considerable. It could be implementing new software solutions to increase productivity, such as project management tools or automated accounting systems. Or the use of modern technologies such as cloud computing to improve data security and accessibility. Another example would be the integration of e-commerce solutions that enable you to sell your products and services online and thus open up new markets. These initiatives are not only aimed at optimizing individual processes, but also help to strengthen your business model as a whole and make it fit for the future. We at MORGEN would like to invite you to discuss the optimal digital solutions for your company with us in a no-obligation initial meeting.

Request an initial consultation

Data is the backbone of a successful digital transformation. However, in order to make truly informed business decisions, this data must be transformed into insights. We help you to interpret your data and make it usable. For example, customer behaviour and preferences, captured through website interactions or purchase histories, can be used to create personalized offers and thus increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, operational data, for example on warehousing or process performance, can help to identify efficiency gains and reduce costs. An analysis of market data can in turn help to identify market trends at an early stage and adapt your offering accordingly. We do not view data analysis in isolation, but integrate it as a key component of your business model development. Let us design your data-driven business model together in an initial, free consultation.

Make an appointment

Quantifying the success of your digital transformation is a complex task that goes beyond simply looking at financial indicators. We support you in defining metrics that are tailored to the specifics of your company and your specific business model. Metrics can include, for example, increasing operational efficiency, measured by reducing process cycle times, or increasing customer satisfaction, measured by regular customer surveys. Other metrics could be the number of new customers acquired or the improvement of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The level of employee satisfaction and participation, measured by participation in training and development measures, can also be an indicator of the success of your digital transformation. All of these key figures are incorporated into a comprehensive analysis of your business model development. Let us define the individual framework for measuring your success together in an initial, non-binding consultation.

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Innovation is more than just a buzzword, it is a decisive factor for the future viability of every company. At MORGEN we understand the desire to promote and manage innovation effectively. This is often easier said than done, especially in medium-sized companies, where day-to-day business and existing structures often limit the scope for innovation.

We suggest implementing a systematic innovation process that builds on the foundation of your current business model. One approach could be to foster a culture of openness where every employee is encouraged to bring in and try out new ideas. At the same time, we could create a structure in which these ideas are evaluated and prioritized before they are turned into concrete projects.

The result is a more proactive business model that focuses on continuous improvement. It can create a vibrant culture of innovation that not only generates new products and services, but also improves the company culture and way of working. We would be delighted to discuss further details and opportunities for your company in a no-obligation meeting.

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Evaluating and planning innovation can be a challenge. At MORGEN we know that this is a critical task to ensure that resources are used efficiently and that innovations create real added value. The use and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) is central to this.

One approach to overcoming this challenge could be to implement a clear evaluation and management process. This could include the setting of clear objectives, the development of KPIs and regular reviews. This would help to track progress and ensure that all innovations are in line with business objectives.

Various key performance indicators (KPIs) could be used to optimize the planning and evaluation of innovations. For example, you could measure the number of new products or services launched within a certain period of time. Another helpful indicator could be the time from initial concept to market launch to assess the speed of the innovation process. The profitability of new products or services, measured by return on investment (ROI), is another important factor for assessing economic performance. In addition, you could introduce qualitative metrics, such as customer feedback or employee satisfaction with the innovation process. By regularly reviewing these metrics, you could ensure that your innovation process is on track and delivering valuable results.

This structured approach can lead to an improvement in the business model. It provides a clearer view of the state of innovation in the company and creates transparency and accountability. If you are interested in a free introductory meeting, we could explore these ideas further and discuss your company's specific requirements.

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The efficient and cost-effective implementation of innovation projects is a challenge that many managing directors face. At MORGEN we see it as our task to support you in optimizing this process and ensuring that your projects generate the greatest possible value.

One possible solution strategy could be the use of agile methods and techniques, which have proven their worth in many areas of digital transformation. By using Scrum, Lean Startup or Design Thinking, you could make the project process more efficient, save time and reduce costs.

By integrating such methods into your business model, you could not only improve your innovation projects, but also increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your company. We are convinced that such a change can have lasting benefits for your company and look forward to discussing these possibilities in a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Request an initial consultation

Involving customers in the innovation process can be crucial to gaining valuable insights and developing products that meet your customers' needs. At MORGEN we believe in customer-centric business models and know how important this perspective is for successful innovation.

First, you could implement a systematic process to gather feedback from your customers. Surveys, interviews and customer panels can be valuable tools here. You could also use collaborative platforms where your customers can contribute ideas and provide feedback on new concepts.

The result is a business model that puts your customers at the center and integrates their needs into the innovation process. This focus allows you to better adapt your products and services to the market and achieve greater customer loyalty. We invite you to a non-binding introductory meeting to find out more about these possibilities and discuss concrete steps for your company.

Request an appointment

Evaluating innovation success can be a challenging task. With MORGEN we understand the need to measure and assess the impact of your innovation efforts. Specific key performance indicators (KPIs) can make a helpful contribution here.

Concrete KPIs could be the number of successfully implemented innovation projects or the reduction in time-to-market for new products and services. Financial metrics such as sales growth through new products or cost savings through process innovations could also be relevant. Qualitative KPIs such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement in the innovation process or the improvement of brand perception through innovative services should not be neglected.

By using these metrics, you gain a comprehensive overview of the success of your innovation efforts and can make appropriate adjustments. This leads to a more agile and high-performing business model based on continuous improvement and adaptation. We could show you more details and possibilities for your company in a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Country Hotel Weisses Ross

At the Hotel Weissen Ross, you will find an excellent retreat that offers the ideal setting for focused work with its familiar ambience and first-class comfort. Here, local cuisine is combined with an atmosphere that encourages reflection and productive exchange. The luxurious spa area supports relaxed reflection and offers space to work on forward-looking concepts away from the meeting room.

The Hotel Weissen Ross in Illschwang, our carefully selected venue, embodies warmth and tradition. Family-owned, it reflects the true spirit of the region with its authentic Franconian grandma cuisine. Our participants immediately feel at home here, surrounded by an atmosphere that invites you to feel at home. Despite the traditional cuisine, the hotel also offers sophisticated vegan and vegetarian options that leave nothing to be desired. The individually designed rooms offer a high standard that is a pleasant contrast to the impersonal hotel chains, and a relaxing oasis awaits you in the fragrance area. The experience is rounded off by a fully equipped spa area that invites you to relax after an intensive workshop day. The Hotel Weissen Ross is therefore the ideal place to learn, grow and exchange ideas in an inspiring and relaxing environment.

Our upcoming workshop will take place at the tranquil Hotel Weissen Ross in Illschwang, nestled in the natural beauty of the Bavarian Jura. It's easy to get here: just three kilometers from the Sulzbach-Rosenberg exit on the A6 freeway, our venue is easy to find, even for those traveling by car. For those coming from further afield, Nuremberg with its airport and exhibition center is only half an hour's drive away. Rail travelers can reach us from Sulzbach-Rosenberg station, from where we will be happy to organize a cab transfer to the hotel on request. Charging facilities for electric cars are available on site so that every participant can arrive safely and sustainably and concentrate fully on the workshop.

All-round carefree

Class formation
Each application is checked to ensure a balanced composition of participants without competitors. In coordination meetings, we form classes for a neutral, non-promotional exchange that promotes both contribution and learning.
The workshops take place in high-quality locations to create a creative environment. We take care of the hotel and catering. In addition to the workshops, there is a varied program to enable direct exchange.
All inclusive
In our workshops, you benefit from comprehensive cost security. Everything you need for a productive and enjoyable experience is already included in the price. From high-quality meals, which provide culinary highlights, to a selection of drinks and offers at the bar.
Knowledge assurance
Transcripts are not necessary, the school days are long gone. All workshop content is structured by us and transferred to our digitalization tool, enriched with additional knowledge. The class can find itself there and can also connect and exchange information outside of the events.

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