Product or service development

Develop new products and services with certainty and clarity, integrate customer feedback and successfully confront disruptive trends. Use this process to create value, strengthen customer relationships and future-proof your business model.

Target group
Managing directors, product developers, business strategists, change managers and innovation officers
Previous experience/requirements
Concrete idea or concept for development
Time investment
intensive sprint with 10 workshop days within 3 weeks

This is what you take with you:

A market-tested business model
You will receive a fully developed business model that integrates your company's specific value proposition, customer segments, revenue streams and cost structures. This model is ready for an effective market test, supported by in-depth knowledge of market testing strategies.
Strategies for dynamic product and service development
The workshop will give you the skills to dynamically adapt your products and services to changing customer needs and market trends. You will learn techniques to make your product and service development efficient and effective and how to seamlessly integrate customer feedback into this process.
Communication skills and pricing
You will learn the skills and tools to effectively communicate your company's value proposition. This includes the knowledge to develop effective pricing strategies that reflect the value of your products and services.
Evaluation and improvement skills
You will acquire the skills to assess the potential and risks of your business model, as well as the skills to critically review and continuously improve your existing business model.
Business model innovation tools
You will receive tools to identify and defend against potential threats from disruptive business models and to quantitatively and qualitatively assess your product development initiatives.
Strategic risk and opportunity management
You will learn strategies for comprehensive risk and opportunity assessment when developing new business models.
Measurement and evaluation of success
You will be familiarized with KPIs that can be used to measure and assess the success of your business model innovations.
Financial analysis skills
You will acquire skills to assess the financial impact and requirements of a new business model.

SMEs need quick, concrete and reliable results. We do exactly that - without getting lost in details or unnecessarily inflating the topic.

Daniel Kestler
Daniel Kestler

To be experienced in a sprint

Developing new business models: Find out where you should start when developing a new business model
Customer-oriented development: Learn how to incorporate customer feedback into the development process
Product innovation: Create unique products and services that are tailored to the needs of your customers
Preparing for market tests: Learn how to effectively prepare your new business model for a market test and develop suitable test strategies
Market adaptation: Adapt your products to changing customer needs and market trends
Value proposition: Define and communicate the unique value proposition of your new business model
Efficient product development: Design your product development efficiently and cost-effectively
Integration of innovations: Discover which innovations you can incorporate into your product development
Continuous improvement: Understand how to measure and evaluate the successes and improvements of your business model development
Financial impact: Learn to assess the financial impact and requirements of a new business model
Customer integration: Involve your customers in the development and implementation of a new business model
Business model evaluation: Evaluate and improve your existing business model
Focus time: Use the time in the workshop to concentrate fully on customer centricity, away from the day-to-day business.
Reusable templates: Receive templates and tools that you can also use in your company after the workshop.
Access to MORGEN people: After completing the workshop, you will receive access to our web-based digitization and coworking platform

Real added value

Solid business models and sustainable growth
Developing new business areas and opportunities opens the door to new markets and customers. It expands your service portfolio and promotes the diversification and growth capacity of your company.
Competitive advantage through customized pricing
The optimal use of your existing resources and skills leads to significant cost savings and increases in productivity. With efficient resource management, you can deploy your capacities in a targeted manner where they generate the greatest added value.
Stronger customer loyalty through clearly communicated values
With well-founded assessments of the risks and opportunities of new business models, we enable you to make informed and confident decisions. This allows you to minimize potential risks and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the expansion of your business model.
Resilience through diversification
By developing and testing new business models, you diversify your offering and make your company more resilient to market changes and crises. This increases your long-term stability and helps to secure your earnings.
Increased efficiency and cost certainty
A well-planned and well-thought-out business model leads to more efficient processes, better use of resources and therefore cost certainty. This has a positive impact on your profitability and gives you the financial stability to invest in growth and innovation.
Long-term performance measurement and optimization
By defining and regularly monitoring KPIs, you can measure your company's performance in detail and continuously optimize it. This allows you to identify opportunities and challenges at an early stage and take proactive action.
Market fit and customer acceptance
A thorough market test and subsequent iteration of your business model will ensure that your products or services are accepted by your customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and can increase your turnover in the long term.
Internal acceptance and motivation
With a new, jointly developed business model, you strengthen the commitment and motivation of your employees. They are part of the process and identify more strongly with your company and its goals. This can increase employee loyalty and productivity.

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A structured preliminary discussion is an essential prerequisite for precisely understanding the potential and needs of your company. In this meeting, we lay the foundation for the targeted development of new products or services. We listen carefully and record your ideas and visions. Together, we evaluate what is feasible and sensible for your company. This discussion enables us to tailor the further process and the final output to your individual requirements and goals. In this way, we ensure that the result meets our high standards and your expectations.

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Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of your current situation and challenges. Based on this, we work together to identify suitable strategies for product and service development and for improving your business model. In doing so, we integrate customer feedback and current market trends and always take into account the profitability of your company. Finally, we develop a detailed concept for a resilient business model, including clear pricing and effective communication of your value proposition. We also prepare you to carry out market tests. This way, you will be well prepared and full of confidence when it comes to implementation.

The sprint takes place directly in your company so that all the necessary resources can be accessed quickly and easily. In this way, we can react flexibly to spontaneous requirements and design the process efficiently. In addition, the direct involvement of your own environment promotes understanding and identification with the project. In this way, we ensure that all relevant stakeholders are involved and provide optimum support for the project from the outset.

Our services are aimed at all companies and entrepreneurs who want to further develop their products and services and improve their business model. Whether you are in the initial phase of your product development, want to optimize an existing business model or are preparing for the market test - we will accompany you every step of the way.

Once we have jointly developed a resilient business model, the next step is to bring it to a market test. This is a crucial moment that provides valuable insights and feedback. But that's not the end of your journey. The market test is followed by an iteration of your business model, where we can make adjustments and improvements based on the experience and feedback gained. Then comes the rollout: The implementation of your optimized business model both internally and externally. On request, we will be happy to assist you in ensuring that all aspects of your business model, from pricing to communicating your value proposition, are implemented effectively and efficiently. Finally, we measure success against the previously defined KPIs and help you to achieve your goals and continue to grow.

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy for business model development. It helps managing directors with the right questions to transform their companies. In peer groups, managing directors work together to develop sustainable, digital, customer-centric and value-based business models for their company

The trainers

With the MORGEN Consulting, we bring our concentrated experience to SMEs. Our expertise ranges from digital transformation to sustainable, customer-centric and value-based business models. Together, we have successfully advised numerous companies over the past six years, while Jonas Lindner and Daniel Kestler have been driving change in SMEs for over 19 years.

  • Jonas Reuter
    Jonas Reuter
    Managing Director, Partner
  • Daniel Kestler
    Daniel Kestler
  • Jonas Lindner
    Jonas Lindner

We deal with these problems in the workshop

Product and service development

The world of the market is complex and dynamic; change is the only constant. An exciting but also challenging context when it comes to developing new products and services and bringing them to market. Every step, from the first draft to the market launch, requires strategic thinking, a willingness to experiment and a strong customer focus.

MORGEN the development and market launch process can help you optimize and adapt to current trends and customer needs. This process can be part of a comprehensive overhaul of your business model with customer centricity at its core. The value lies not only in the successfully launched products and services, but also in the increased innovative strength and adaptability of your company. We would be pleased to invite you to a free introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

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Customer feedback is a valuable treasure that often goes unused. It offers you the opportunity to tailor your products and services directly to the needs of your customers and thus create real added value. But how can this feedback be collected in a meaningful way and systematically incorporated into the development process?

With MORGEN you can establish customer-centric product development in which your customers' feedback plays a central role. This approach is not only a strategy for optimizing your products, but also a way to redesign your business model with a focus on customer centricity. It not only enables higher customer satisfaction, but also strengthens your market position and promotes customer loyalty. Find out more in a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Markets and customer needs are constantly changing, which is why it is essential to continuously adapt and develop products. This requires not only a deep understanding of the market and customers, but also an efficient organizational structure and processes that enable quick and effective adjustments.

With MORGEN you can make your products and services more agile and customer-centric. The adaptability of your product is not just a reaction to change, but can also be seen as part of the further development of your business model by focusing on digital transformation and customer-centric innovation. The added value that this change brings goes beyond the immediate product and promotes a sustainable, value-based business model. Let's talk about how we can support you in this process in a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key factors in product development. However, it can be a challenge to design the development process in such a way that it is both innovative and creative as well as efficient and cost-effective.

With MORGEN you can realize a more efficient and cost-effective development process. This is achieved by using proven methods and tools and by continuously optimizing the processes involved. Increasing efficiency is not just a cost issue, but an elementary component of the business model, which includes digital transformation and agile methods. Take advantage of our offer of a free introductory meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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Innovation is the engine that drives your company forward. But it can sometimes be unclear which innovations should be included in product development and how best to implement them.

MORGEN the Innovation Management System helps you to develop a systematic approach to innovation that takes into account both technological trends and the needs of your customers. Incorporating innovation is not only a question of product improvement, but can also contribute to the further development of your business model. Besides the obvious benefits such as increased customer satisfaction and market positioning, this also promotes a culture of innovation and adaptability in your company. Start the journey with a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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Measuring and evaluating successes and improvements in product development is crucial in order to monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary. But which metrics and evaluation criteria are relevant and how can they be used effectively?

MORGEN the Product Development and Evaluation team supports you in developing a customized measurement and evaluation system that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. This is not only a way to optimize product development, but also to further develop your business model and adapt it to new challenges. A well-implemented measurement system not only provides insights for product improvements, but also promotes transparency and data-based decision making. Let's discuss more about this in a free introductory meeting.

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Business model development

The digital era inevitably brings with it a wave of disruptive business models. It can often be difficult to arm existing models against such emerging innovations. The answer lies in consolidating the core of your business while maintaining the agility to adapt to the ever-changing business world. One possible solution is to take advantage of digital technologies while strengthening the human aspect of your business.

In addition, we could think about a hybrid strategy that combines your existing business model with new, disruptive elements. This would allow you to leverage the strengths of your current model while positioning yourself innovatively. Such a further development of the business model can give your company a competitive position that can withstand disruptive influences.

The MORGEN Consultancy will be happy to support you in developing a customized strategy for your company. As experts in business model development, we know the current trends and can help you integrate them into your corporate structure in a meaningful way. Contact us today for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Perhaps you feel that your current business model is not realizing your company's full potential, or you are unsure how to effectively evaluate and improve it. One option is to conduct a comprehensive business model analysis. This will look at various aspects of your model, from the value chain, customer segments and relationships to the revenue structure.

Another approach could be to implement agile methods to make your business model dynamic and adaptable. This could lead to increased customer satisfaction as your company can react more quickly to market changes. Through these changes, your company can establish a culture of continuous improvement, which ultimately leads to a positive development of the business model.

MORGEN is at your side during this process with years of experience and expertise. In a non-binding initial appointment, we can find out together what opportunities exist for improving your business model.

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When it comes to developing a new business model, the starting point is often unclear. A helpful approach can be to first look at the current trends and developments in your industry. In addition, it may be useful to put the customer at the center of your considerations and align your model with their needs and expectations.

A first starting point for developing a new business model may be to take a close look at and analyze your current situation. This is where the use of our unique tool, which consists of around 900 impulse questions, can be useful. These questions help to break down the "big picture" into many smaller building blocks and thus identify new patterns and starting points for the development of business models.

The method is based, among other things, on the St. Gallen model of strategy development and allows the business model to be viewed from different perspectives. It promotes a deeper understanding of your company and its hidden potential. The focus is always on the customer and their needs.

The experts at MORGEN will support you in finding and implementing a suitable approach for the development of a new business model. Take the opportunity and arrange a free initial appointment with us.

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Assessing the risks and opportunities of different business models can be a complex task. A comprehensive understanding of your own market position, competitors and customer needs is essential. One option could be to use risk management methods and run through possible scenarios. Two widely used and useful methods in this context are SWOT analysis and scenario management.

The SWOT analysis allows you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your potential business models. This method gives you a comprehensive overview of internal and external factors that could influence the business model.

Scenario management, on the other hand, helps you to assess the long-term impact of different business models. Various possible future scenarios are designed and analyzed in order to assess the resilience and sustainability of the respective business models.

Another useful approach could be to involve your team. Through their different perspectives, they can provide valuable insights into potential risks and opportunities. Integrating the team into the assessment process in this way can lead to a stronger identification with the chosen business model.

MORGEN offers you support in assessing the risks and opportunities of different business models. Our expertise and broad industry knowledge can help you make an informed decision. Contact us for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Involving your customers in the business model development process can be a challenging task, but it also holds great potential. By specifically obtaining and taking into account customer feedback, you can ensure that your new business model meets the actual needs and wishes of your target group. Customer journey maps can be an effective tool for this. You can use these to visualize and analyse the various points of contact between your customers and your company in order to gain valuable insights for the further development of your business model.

Another approach to integrating your customers into the business model development process is the use of co-creation methods. In these methods, the customer is actively involved in the innovation process, for example through workshops or joint brainstorming sessions. This enables direct feedback and can also strengthen customer loyalty.

MORGEN offers you support in the introduction and implementation of these approaches. Our expertise in the areas of customer integration and business model development enables us to guide you through this process, always focusing on your customers and their needs. Arrange a no-obligation initial consultation to find out more.

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Assessing the financial impact of a new business model is a key aspect of its development. Creating a detailed financial plan can help you get an overview of expected costs and potential revenues. Such a plan should take into account both ongoing operating costs and one-off investments. It is also important to assess potential risks and plan for appropriate reserves.

You can also carry out various scenario analyses to assess the financial impact of a business model. By making different assumptions about future developments and analyzing their impact on your business model, you can gain a better understanding of potential risks and opportunities.

MORGEN the financial planning and scenario analysis tool helps you to consider these important aspects of business model development. Our expertise in financial planning and analysis enables us to guide you through the creation of a detailed financial plan and help you assess the financial implications of your business model. Take advantage of a free initial consultation to find out more.

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Measuring and assessing the success of your business model development is a key aspect of ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of your measures. The balanced scorecard can be a helpful tool for this. This method allows you to define and measure not only financial, but also customer-related, internal and learning and development-centered key figures.

It is advisable to implement key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tailored to your specific goals and requirements. These KPIs give you a continuous overview of the progress and success of your business model development.

One key performance indicator for measuring the success of your business model development could be the "Net Promoter Score" (NPS). This indicates the extent to which your customers would be willing to recommend your company or your products to others. The NPS is a strong indicator of the quality of your business model and the satisfaction of your customers. A steady improvement in this value can be a clear sign that your business model development is bearing fruit. Another key KPI is the return on investment (ROI). This measures the ratio of profit to invested costs and thus provides you with information on whether your investments in business model development are paying off. Both key figures provide valuable information for evaluating the effectiveness of your business model and making adjustments if necessary.

The team at MORGEN supports you in effectively integrating these methods into your strategy development and ensuring systematic measurement and evaluation of your business model development. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more and find out how we can help you measure and evaluate your business model development.

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Value proposition

In the world of entrepreneurship, it's crucial to have a unique value proposition that sets your offerings apart from the competition. Finding exactly what makes your business special and communicating this clearly can be a challenge. A well-thought-out business model that builds on your company's strengths can make all the difference here. With the right strategic direction, you can expand your customer base, consolidate your position in the market and make your company more competitive. You can also reach new customer groups and ensure long-term success with a sustainable business model.

In the MORGEN Consulting, we support you in recognizing and strategically exploiting the specific strengths and unique potential of your company. We focus on a business model that builds on your individual strengths and enables you to clearly formulate your value proposition. In doing so, we attach great importance to taking current market conditions and future trends into account. Our consulting services are aimed at securing long-term success and promoting the growth of your company. Take advantage of our offer for a free introductory meeting and find out more about the opportunities available for your company.

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A clear and convincing value proposition is the backbone of a successful corporate strategy. However, formulating such a value proposition is often a complex task. It requires an in-depth analysis of the company, its offerings and the target group in order to understand exactly what added value you offer your customers. It's not just about highlighting the qualities of your company, but also about tailoring them to the needs of your customers. A well-thought-out, customer-centric business model can make all the difference here and help to ensure that your value proposition is formulated clearly and convincingly.

The MORGEN Consultancy is at your side to analyze your company strengths and customer expectations and translate them into a strong value proposition. Our expertise in digital transformation and customer-centric business models enables us to support you in defining and communicating your value proposition. In addition, we offer support in adapting your business model to current market trends and customer needs. Take advantage of our offer for a free introductory meeting and find out how we can strengthen your value proposition and further develop your business model.

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Designing products and services that fulfill your value proposition is an essential task for any company. The challenge is to meet your customers' expectations while maintaining the uniqueness of your offering. A detailed analysis of your business model and precise knowledge of customer needs are essential here. This is the only way to develop products and services that reflect your value proposition and inspire your customers. Aligning your business model with sustainable and customer-centric solutions can help you to continuously improve your offering and increase the value of your company.

The MORGEN Consulting supports you in designing products and services that fulfill your value proposition. With our expertise in digital transformation, customer centricity and sustainable business models, we can help you to continuously improve your offering and adapt it to the needs of your customers. In a free introductory meeting, we will show you concrete approaches and opportunities to optimize your business model and increase the value of your company.

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The market is constantly on the move. Customer needs and expectations are changing, as are technological possibilities and legal frameworks. In this dynamic environment, it is a challenge to continuously adapt your value proposition to changing market conditions and trends. A flexible, adaptable business model is crucial here. It enables you to respond to change, adapt your offering and strengthen your competitive position.

MORGEN Consulting offers you support in adapting your business model to changing market conditions and trends. With our expertise in digital transformation, market testing and customer-centric business models, we can help you to continuously develop your value proposition and adapt to new market conditions. Take advantage of our offer for a free introductory meeting to learn more about our methods and approaches and see how we can help you strengthen your market position and successfully lead your business into the future.

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Integrating your value proposition into your brand identity is an important step in strengthening your positioning in the market. It is about making visible what makes your company unique and communicating it through your brand. To do this, it is necessary to develop a deeper understanding of your business model and understand the interactions between your value proposition and your brand. With a digital and customer-centric alignment of your business model, you can strengthen your brand and express your value proposition even better.

The MORGEN Consulting can help you integrate your value proposition into your brand identity. With our expertise in digital transformation and customer-centric business models, we can help you identify and strengthen the connections between your value proposition and your brand identity. In a free introductory meeting, we can discuss initial steps for the further development of your brand and develop practical approaches for the integration of your value proposition.

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Customer feedback can be a valuable tool for improving your value proposition. It can help you to better understand the needs and expectations of your customers and adapt your offering accordingly. The challenge is to use this feedback effectively and translate it into concrete improvement measures. A customer-centric business model can help you to systematically analyze customer feedback and use it to optimize your value proposition.

The MORGEN Consulting supports you in using customer feedback effectively to improve your value proposition. With our expertise in customer-centric business models and our approach to digital transformation, we can help you translate customer feedback into concrete improvement measures. Take advantage of our offer for a free introductory meeting to find out more about our approaches and work together to develop solutions that strengthen your value proposition.

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Measuring and evaluating your value proposition is an important part of your corporate strategy. It enables you to review the success of your efforts and make adjustments where necessary. This is not just about purely financial metrics, but also about your customers' perception of your value proposition. A sustainable business model that is designed for continuous improvement and adaptation can help you to effectively measure and evaluate your value proposition.

A targeted and systematic measurement of your value proposition could be implemented by developing a dashboard that reflects specific key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, you could introduce "customer satisfaction" as a KPI. This would involve conducting a regular survey of your customers to assess the extent to which your company is fulfilling its value proposition. Another KPI could be the "Net Promoter Score" (NPS), which measures how likely your customers are to recommend your company to others. The NPS can be a strong indicator of how well your value proposition is received by your customers.

MORGEN Consulting supports you not only in the selection of relevant KPIs, but also in the implementation of tools and processes to continuously monitor and analyze these metrics. As part of the free introductory meeting, we could create an initial draft for such a dashboard and determine the relevant KPIs.

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Integrating your value proposition into all areas of your company can be a challenge. It is about ensuring that all employees understand your value proposition and implement it in their daily work. This requires a systematic examination of your business model and clear communication of your value proposition throughout the company. With a digital and customer-centric business model, you can drive the integration of your value proposition into all areas of the company and create a consistent brand identity.

Integrating your value proposition into all areas of the company could be done, for example, through regular workshops and training for your employees. All aspects of your value proposition can be discussed here and specific instructions for the individual departments can then be developed. In addition, you could use your value proposition as a leitmotif in your internal and external communication to make it visible both internally and externally.

MORGEN Consulting supports you in the planning and implementation of such measures. We work with you to develop an individual training program and support you in designing a communication strategy that focuses on your value proposition. In a free introductory meeting, we can discuss the first steps towards a comprehensive integration of your value proposition into your company.

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It is not uncommon for companies to find it difficult to push through higher prices with their customers. This can often be attributed to a lack of differentiation, both in terms of the product or service and the perception of customer benefit. Targeted strategy development with regard to price and service positioning can provide a remedy. With MORGEN we go one step further and consider pricing in the context of the entire business model. Not only the prices, but also the way in which you communicate and structure them can be of strategic importance and a means of differentiation.

With this in mind, a first starting point could be to align your business model with a stronger customer focus. Through customer surveys and market tests, you could gain a deeper understanding of the needs and wishes of your target group and thus optimize your offering accordingly. This can lead to an increase in perceived customer benefit and thus also increase the acceptance of higher prices. Continuous adaptation and optimization of the business model could not only increase value perception and price acceptance, but also enable long-term customer loyalty. Our team at MORGEN is at your side with help and advice. Let's discuss the possibilities in a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Dependence on a multi-level distribution chain can be a challenge for many companies, especially when it comes to direct access to users and their usage. The solution to this could lie in developing a digital business model that enables direct customer interaction. With MORGEN we look at your business model from different angles in order to develop individual and sustainable solutions.

A practical example could be setting up a digital platform that allows you to interact directly with your customers and receive information about the use of your products or services. This information could then be used to optimize your offering and thus improve your margins. In addition, digital transformation could also help to open up new customer segments and thus increase your business volume. Of course, this process involves change, but our experts at MORGEN are on hand with their experience to help you make this transition as smooth as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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The challenge of shrinking margins due to rising costs is noticeable in many sectors. However, constant price increases can drive customers away and are often not a sustainable solution. One option is to redesign your business model with a focus on efficiency and digital solutions. Digital processes can help reduce costs and improve service at the same time. At MORGEN we focus on developing such efficient, digital business models. Another approach could be to switch to modern, innovative pricing. With the right pricing and communication, it is much easier to implement higher prices.

At the same time, we could work on your efficiency and integrate digital solutions that help to reduce your costs. The savings generated could help you bridge the gap until the new business model takes effect and your position in the premium segment is consolidated. This could secure your future and position your business sustainably for years to come. For further information or a non-binding introductory meeting, the team at MORGEN is at your disposal at any time.

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The problem of adapting your own prices to changing market conditions is widespread. A dynamic, customer-centric and sustainable business model can help you to react flexibly to market fluctuations and successfully adapt your pricing strategy. At MORGEN we have a lot of experience in developing such models for our clients.

First steps could include the introduction of agile pricing, which allows you to adapt prices quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions. Ongoing market and competitive analysis could help you to recognize and react to changes at an early stage. In addition, customer retention measures could help to stabilize your customer base and provide a solid foundation for your pricing strategy. The team at MORGEN will be happy to help you explore these opportunities in your business model. Contact us for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Setting prices efficiently and clearly can be difficult. A value-based business model can help here by focusing not only on price, but also on customer value. At MORGEN we have a lot of experience in developing such models.

One approach could be to base your prices on the value that your product or service has for the customer. This could be achieved through bundle offers, tiered pricing structures or flexible payment options, for example. Transparent and comprehensible pricing could not only increase your customers' satisfaction, but also help to increase your sales and improve your margins. With MORGEN we are happy to help you explore these and other options. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Differentiating your own prices and services from those of your competitors can prove to be a challenge. One way to overcome this challenge could be to develop a unique, customer-centric business model. With MORGEN we help our clients to design their business models in such a way that they stand out from the competition.

One approach could be to tailor your offering to the specific needs and desires of your customers, creating a unique customer experience. This could be achieved, for example, through individually designed product bundles or exclusive service offers. A strong customer focus and the creation of unique customer experiences can help you stand out from the competition and increase the perceived value of your offering. The team at MORGEN will be happy to help you explore these and other options. Contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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Predicting the impact of pricing on demand can be a real challenge. However, a customer-centric business model based on data-driven insights could help to reduce this uncertainty. At MORGEN we have extensive experience in developing such models.

One approach could be to use data analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and behavior. Through market testing, you could gain valuable insights into the price elasticity of your products or services and thus optimize your pricing strategy. By continuously adapting and optimizing your business model, you could improve predictability and thus increase your sales and margins. The team at MORGEN team is here to help you with this process. Contact us for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Measuring and improving the effectiveness of your pricing strategy can be a complex task, but one that becomes easier with a well-thought-out, data-driven business model. Part of this process could be identifying and monitoring the right key performance indicators (KPIs). With MORGEN we support you in selecting and measuring the right KPIs for your business.

Two examples of such KPIs could be price elasticity and customer acquisition costs. Price elasticity gives you insights into how changes in your prices affect demand, while customer acquisition costs show you how efficient your pricing strategy is in acquiring new customers. By regularly monitoring and analyzing these and other KPIs, you can continuously improve and optimize your pricing strategy. The team at MORGEN is looking forward to supporting you in this process. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding introductory meeting.

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Registration and prices

The "Developing new business areas" sprint costs €34,900 (ten full-day workshops in either two or three weeks) and offers space for up to 10 participants from your company.

This price includes intensive training tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your company. You can easily register via our online form or by email. If you have any questions or require further information before booking, we are happy to offer you a preliminary discussion. Use this opportunity to discuss the workshop and its objectives and ensure that it is tailored to your needs. Invest in the future of your company and register today!

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