Companies are missing out on change. The future is not secure.

External factors require constant further development

While existing business models are threatened by market changes, e.g. globalization, changing sustainability requirements and a shortage of skilled workers, hardly any new business models are emerging.

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy for business model development
in the SME sector

Why MORGEN and not a classic management consultancy?

We do not calculate in consultant days but sell a concrete and measurable service, just like you. This means not only cost certainty through a fixed price, but also a real guarantee of added value. In extreme cases, for us this also means no results - no money.

This motivates us as consultants to work in a goal-oriented manner instead of extending projects or simply delaying them in order to be able to bill more consultant days. There is also no surprise on the invoice at the end of the quarter because your colleague made a brief phone call to a consultant at the "Manager" level.

All our products, whether software, consulting models or even classic projects, have an easily understandable and transparent pricing structure. There are no consultant days, no hidden costs and surcharges or other flexible pricing structures that are difficult to understand. Our products are fixed-price offers and guarantee a measurable result.

This motivates us as consultants to work in a goal-oriented manner instead of extending projects or simply dragging them out in order to be able to bill more consultant days. There will also be no surprises on the invoice at the end of the quarter because your colleague made a quick call to a consultant at the "Manager" level.

The most common job of consultants in companies is to prepare/set PowerPoint slides or to act as external project managers. It is questionable whether these actions help companies to make sustainable progress.

In the Academy, we develop real solutions based on impulse questions and open discussion. No one will chew you over with (PowerPoint) presentations as if you were at evening school. Our consulting projects also contain real content that will help you to reproduce the consulting process in future without external advice.

At the end of the consultation is the Power Point? Many traditional consulting projects end with a final presentation. From this point on, consultants are only available for extensions and follow-up projects. In most cases, however, this is where the real work begins.

Using the digitalization tool MORGEN People, we stay in contact and both we and the entrepreneur network continue to provide you with valuable input and support you during implementation. At the end of each project, there is a clear and feasible roadmap and schedule for all further steps. Our clear goal is to provide you with the fishing rod and not just a fish to sell later. If we are involved in a follow-up project, it is because you want our input and not because you absolutely need it.

In SMEs, the managing directors usually pull all the strings. We believe in the top-down management approach, especially in owner-managed SMEs. And we don't want to change that. We do not place consultants in your company as expensive project staff, nor do we want to involve all employees. You steer, you lead and we help you with the right impulses.

Many consultancies work according to rigid processes that they apply equally to all their clients. Even if the consultancy and client do not match in terms of size, solutions are still proposed that are not tailored to the company. What works for corporations usually does not work for SMEs. In addition, the culture and management of an owner-managed company are very different from those of a global corporation. We target SMEs in the umbrella space with suitable consulting models.

As consultants, we primarily advise you as an entrepreneur and not your company. We don't want to take anything away from you, everything remains in your hands. We provide you with impulses, sparring and focus time for productive work on your business model. We do not go through your company and restructure your specialist departments or otherwise create a stir and unrest. Unless you want us to. Nor do we replace you and your job. It is your job as an entrepreneur: to secure the future and you will do so. You bring your personally developed business models, ideas and/or solutions into your company and thus create the necessary acceptance for their implementation among your employees.

The workshops take place at a location outside your company and away from your day-to-day business. We offer you a hideaway to devote the necessary time and attention to the topic of your business model and are convinced that the change of scenery and the resulting focus alone helps to produce results. Combined with the input from consultants and other managing directors, even outside of the sessions, really great things can emerge. New business models that will carry your company for years or even decades to come.

Many consulting projects are completed successfully, but problems arise during the implementation of the solution that cause the project to fail. It is therefore important to develop a suitable solution that suits your company, customers and employees.

The basis for holistic change

Digitalization along the value chain
With the help of digital solutions, existing processes along the value chain must be continuously improved and modernized.
Development of new business models
In order to drive holistic change, new paths must also be taken and new business models developed.

What is slowing down change?

Managing directors lack the time and focus to secure the future of the company with new business models.
New business models are often in competition with existing, established business models.
Digitalization usually revolves exclusively around the value chain of existing products and services.
There is a lack of understanding, acceptance and vision for new things within the company. there is a lot of fear of change.

Thanks to our close connection to the medienreaktor group of companies, we can draw on a wealth of experience from 19 years of providing strategic support to SMEs. Our common goal is to sustainably optimize established business models and thus shape a successful future.

Jonas Lindner
Jonas Lindner

What does MORGEN?

MORGEN helps managing directors to develop new business models for their company. The service is aimed in particular at owner-managed SMEs. Companies often rely on MORGENwhen the young generation of successors is entrusted with transforming the company in a future-proof way.

What does MORGEN?

Effective advice from MORGEN: Solving real problems

We hear these topics most often

Digitalization and technological modernization
Skills shortage and lack of employee loyalty
Dependence on multi-level distribution
Top 10 problems of the SME sector

Our value proposition

MORGENguarantees you real added value. If you are not satisfied with our service, you only pay for the value we were able to create for you.


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