MORGEN develops business models for medium-sized companies

MORGEN helps managing directors to develop new business models for their company. The service is aimed in particular at owner-managed SMEs. Companies often rely on MORGENwhen the young generation of successors is entrusted with transforming the company in a future-proof way.

What is MORGEN?

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy for business model development

Why is it necessary to develop business models?

Business models are indispensable as they define the way in which a company creates value and earns money. However, markets are dynamic and subject to constant change. This is where business model development comes into play. It is the process of continuously revising and adapting the business model to take advantage of new opportunities, optimize existing processes and adapt to change. Without the continuous development of the business model, there is a risk that companies will lose their competitiveness. Business model development is a crucial task for the long-term success of a company.

Effective advice from MORGEN: Solving real problems

We hear these topics most often

Digitalization and technological modernization
Skills shortage and lack of employee loyalty
Dependence on multi-level distribution
Top 10 problems of the SME sector

Peer groups for the new business model

MORGEN brings together managing directors in peer groups so that they can work together on their business model. The groups advise each other in ten workshops spread over six two-day sessions in order to develop a viable business model. This process, which we market under the name MORGEN Academy, accompanies the business model until it is ready for the market.

These workshops are structured by MORGEN and are structured by MORGEN moderated. They are based on impulse questions and case studies. The workshops are scheduled in such a way that the content developed can be incorporated into the company and the business model between the dates. The results and progress are then jointly evaluated in the next workshop.

Workshops from MORGEN

Managing directors and managers from different companies come together to actively shape change in a collaborative learning environment and gain practical, forward-looking insights.

The perfect customer experience
Create the perfect customer experience with our workshop. Learn how to identify customer needs, build a deep understanding of your customers and create an authentic customer experience. Use these insights to strengthen your business model and generate sustainable added value.
Tapping into new markets through digital innovation
Digitize your business model successfully. In our workshop, you will receive the tools to promote growth, optimize processes and strengthen customer relationships. Make your company fit for the future and gain a competitive advantage.
Enforce higher prices through value orientation
Learn how value-oriented pricing can increase your sales. In our workshop, you will learn how to successfully communicate higher prices and convince customers of your added value. Position your products and services profitably on the market.
Practical AI applications for companies
Discover how AI can revolutionize your business processes. In our workshop, you will develop practical AI applications that increase efficiency and drive automation. Secure a market advantage with intelligent technology.
Growth in harmony with sustainable value creation
Transform your company with sustainable strategies. In our workshop, you will learn how to anchor sustainability in your business model and create economic value through responsible practices.

We facilitate the exchange of know-how and expertise between managing directors in a protected space and help with the right impulses to transform companies sustainably - and make them ready for the future MORGEN for the future.

Jonas Reuter
Jonas Reuter
Managing Director, Partner

Business model patterns form the basis for our consulting approach

New business models are rarely based on innovation or new technical achievements. New business models are even less likely to replace disruptive business models. Rather, most new business models are a combination of learned patterns. These recurring components of new business models are called "patterns" in a scientific context. A new business model therefore arises from the right combination of scientifically proven patterns with each other and with the company's existing knowledge, technologies and infrastructure.

The consulting model of MORGEN is based on scientific models and methods, including the St. Gallen model of strategy development. The core elements are the recurring patterns of successful business models, which can be transferred to your own business model and company using individual impulse questions and case studies.

Example: Sample with impulse questions

The transfer of scientific patterns in theory to a real application in one's own company and/or on the market is not easy. This is because market-specific requirements, such as legal issues, a company's own operational blindness and many other obstacles, make this difficult.

Accordingly, the patterns are not suitable as a starting point, but rather these patterns are the logical response to the right impulses. MORGEN provides these impulses and thus leads managing directors to the idea and supports them in developing a new, viable business model.

Create value and inspire customers with the MORGEN Criteria for modern business models

Our business models are geared towards building value and delighting customers. Based on the MORGEN Criteria for modern business models - sustainability, digitalization, customer centricity and value orientation - we create an optimal balance to ensure long-term success. Although not all factors are always compatible, we will find the right combination to help you take your company into a valuable future.

Digital business models
Digital business models can be scaled easily and cost-effectively. They enable rapid market entry and the development of a global target group.
Value-based business models
Value-based business models achieve ahigher willingness to payand thus sethigher pricesthrough. The strong focus on value createslong-term customer relationships.
Customer-centric business models
Customer-centric business models not only lead to greaterSatisfaction and repeat purchases sond force companies toto rethink internal processesandto solve real problems.
Sustainable business models
Sustainable business models are particularly resilient and stand for long-term success and competitiveness in today's dynamic economy.

SMEs need quick, concrete and reliable results. We do exactly that - without getting lost in details or unnecessarily inflating the topic.

Daniel Kestler
Daniel Kestler

After the workshops, the MORGEN People

The managing directors usually stay in contact after the end of our program and reproduce the process they have learned. We provide them with our web-based communication and coworking tool "MORGEN Menschen" for this purpose. The Academy content is documented here, and it is possible to exchange ideas and ask questions, obtain feedback or, if desired, book a consultant.

Digitization tool MORGEN People

More sustainability, less blah blah blah.

We are neither unprofessional coaches nor agile mindset start-ups. MORGEN is your long-term partner for the sustainable transformation of your company, away from buzzword bingo and colorful presentations.

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Design Thinking

Big Picture

Mindset & Culture

Lean Startup

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MORGEN is not a classic management consultancy!

Concrete and professional
Morgen is not a start-up. Morgen does not market agile methods, mindset or cultural topics, but develops sustainable business models.
Binding and serious
Morgen does not engage in coaching. Morgen guarantees real, sustainable and socially acceptable success without tricks or loopholes.
Long-term partner
Morgen is not an agency. Morgen does not run a project business but accompanies an overall process in the company. Morgen does not look for the quickest and easiest solution but focuses on sustainable change.
Cost certainty through all-inclusive price
Morgen is not a traditional management consultancy. Morgen does not rely on long-term consultancy contracts or position consultants in specialist departments. Morgen believes in genuine holistic change based on the top-down principle.

Why MORGEN and not a classic management consultancy?

We do not calculate in consultant days but sell a concrete and measurable service, just like you. This means not only cost certainty through a fixed price, but also a real guarantee of added value. In extreme cases, for us this also means no results - no money.

This motivates us as consultants to work in a goal-oriented manner instead of extending projects or simply delaying them in order to be able to bill more consultant days. There is also no surprise on the invoice at the end of the quarter because your colleague made a brief phone call to a consultant at the "Manager" level.

All our products, whether software, consulting models or even classic projects, have an easily understandable and transparent pricing structure. There are no consultant days, no hidden costs and surcharges or other flexible pricing structures that are difficult to understand. Our products are fixed-price offers and guarantee a measurable result.

This motivates us as consultants to work in a goal-oriented manner instead of extending projects or simply dragging them out in order to be able to bill more consultant days. There will also be no surprises on the invoice at the end of the quarter because your colleague made a quick call to a consultant at the "Manager" level.

The most common job of consultants in companies is to prepare/set PowerPoint slides or to act as external project managers. It is questionable whether these actions help companies to make sustainable progress.

In the Academy, we develop real solutions based on impulse questions and open discussion. No one will chew you over with (PowerPoint) presentations as if you were at evening school. Our consulting projects also contain real content that will help you to reproduce the consulting process in future without external advice.

At the end of the consultation is the Power Point? Many traditional consulting projects end with a final presentation. From this point on, consultants are only available for extensions and follow-up projects. In most cases, however, this is where the real work begins.

Using the digitalization tool MORGEN People, we stay in contact and both we and the entrepreneur network continue to provide you with valuable input and support you during implementation. At the end of each project, there is a clear and feasible roadmap and schedule for all further steps. Our clear goal is to provide you with the fishing rod and not just a fish to sell later. If we are involved in a follow-up project, it is because you want our input and not because you absolutely need it.

In SMEs, the managing directors usually pull all the strings. We believe in the top-down management approach, especially in owner-managed SMEs. And we don't want to change that. We do not place consultants in your company as expensive project staff, nor do we want to involve all employees. You steer, you lead and we help you with the right impulses.

Many consultancies work according to rigid processes that they apply equally to all their clients. Even if the consultancy and client do not match in terms of size, solutions are still proposed that are not tailored to the company. What works for corporations usually does not work for SMEs. In addition, the culture and management of an owner-managed company are very different from those of a global corporation. We target SMEs in the umbrella space with suitable consulting models.

As consultants, we primarily advise you as an entrepreneur and not your company. We don't want to take anything away from you, everything remains in your hands. We provide you with impulses, sparring and focus time for productive work on your business model. We do not go through your company and restructure your specialist departments or otherwise create a stir and unrest. Unless you want us to. Nor do we replace you and your job. It is your job as an entrepreneur: to secure the future and you will do so. You bring your personally developed business models, ideas and/or solutions into your company and thus create the necessary acceptance for their implementation among your employees.

The workshops take place at a location outside your company and away from your day-to-day business. We offer you a hideaway to devote the necessary time and attention to the topic of your business model and are convinced that the change of scenery and the resulting focus alone helps to produce results. Combined with the input from consultants and other managing directors, even outside of the sessions, really great things can emerge. New business models that will carry your company for years or even decades to come.

Many consulting projects are completed successfully, but problems arise during the implementation of the solution that cause the project to fail. It is therefore important to develop a suitable solution that suits your company, customers and employees.

Thanks to our close connection to the medienreaktor group of companies, we can draw on a wealth of experience from 19 years of providing strategic support to SMEs. Our common goal is to sustainably optimize established business models and thus shape a successful future.

Jonas Lindner
Jonas Lindner


  • Jonas Reuter
    Jonas Reuter
    Managing Director, Partner
  • Daniel Kestler
    Daniel Kestler
  • Jonas Lindner
    Jonas Lindner
  • Tanja Schwarz

We ask the right questions

Our workshop card set includes a selection of around 50 cards with impulse questions on the topics of sustainability, digitalization, values and customer centricity, which you can use to work on new business models. You can find more impulse questions in our digitalization tool MORGEN People.

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About us:

MORGEN is a specialized management consultancy that focuses on the development of new business models for medium-sized companies. In particular, it supports owner-managed companies in their future-proof transformation. Knowledge transfer is at the heart of its consulting activities, which is why the MORGEN Blog regularly publishes articles on key topics such as digitalization, transformation, customer centricity and sustainability.

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